Every dollar you spend is related to real estate

Renting Your First Apartment (Consumer Books for College Students) There’s nothing like the freedom of becoming an adult. You may be saddled with great responsibility, but college is a distant memory and the only person you really have to watch out for is yourself. But what many young adults don’t realize is that this responsibility means your actions now matter. And with a few wise moves, especially on the [tag]financial and real estate[/tag] fronts, you can make your life much easier in the future.

Work at paying off old debt, which can not only follow you but eat away at savings through high interest rates, instead of taking on more if you want to buy a house in the near future. Get educated. Go to every open house you see and read the real estate section in the paper. Treat it like a game. Walk in and start asking yourself questions, like “How much down would I need to buy this property?” You can learn just by walking around and talking to people in the real estate business, including the different costs involved. These costs can include attorney fees, costs to record the [tag]mortgage[/tag], [tag]transfer taxes and brokerage fees[/tag].

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